This summer, "bathe" in the forests of Marcús Casa Rural

Yes, “bathe”...

That’s exactly the verb I was looking for...

“Shinrin yoku” - they call it in Japan - where “bathing in the forest” is a popular form of therapy.

Bathing in the green of a forest like the one we’re fortunate to enjoy in Marcús Casa Rural...

Far away from the big cities’ concrete...

Away from pollution...

From stress...

From mobile phones...

Bathing in the green of a forest like ours is a transformative experience for many people.

An experience that can deliver many long-term benefits.

And the study published in 2018 by the Norwich School of Medicine of the University of East Anglia confirms it.

"There’s no doubt that spending time in nature makes us feel healthier, but until now the impact that this practice has on our well-being in the long term had not been completely understood" explains its author.

After gathering evidence from more than 140 studies involving more than 290 million in 20 different countries (including the United Kingdom, the United States, Spain, France, Germany, Australia and Japan), the team of scientists concluded that:

"Spending time in natural green spaces or living near them is associated with diverse and significant health benefits. On the one hand, it reduces the risk of type II diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, improves the quality and duration of sleep, reduces blood pressure, heart rate and stress. "

In other words, if we earlier had the feeling that getting lost in an idyllic rural space like the one surrounding Marcús Casa Rural made us feel calm and inexplicably happy...

This meta study proves that it’s not just a sensation.

It is, in fact, a physiological change.

And it’s a change that happens both in the short and long terms.

Scientists attribute it to the greater number of opportunities that those of us who live in rural areas have to engage in physical activity and socialisation.

They also talk about the presence of a variety of bacteria present in natural areas that are beneficial for the immune system.

But we, at Marcús Casa Rural, are convinced that there’s another factor that also comes into play.

The proximity to animals.

Of all sorts - domestic, farm animals and even animals in the wild!

When we see, touch, hear or talk to animals in our environment we feel an indescribable happiness.

Both young and young at heart!

The world of science attributes it to the neurohormones that our system generates when feeling the company of our normally two and four legged friends.

We don’t really know the biological reasons.

But we live it every day.

And we would love to share that feeling with you!

So, this summer, when you’re trying to decide where to spend your family vacation, think of Marcús Casa Rural.

We are 3 km. away from Solsona (Lleida), from the Pallera de Marcús.

At 619 meters of altitude.

Surrounded by the wonderful rural landscape of the serrated valleys of the Solsonès county.

In the vicinity of the Cardener River, where you can "bathe" (this time, literally) in its crystal-clear waters and enjoy the great variety of flora and fauna that grows and lives on its shores.

And a little over 30 km. from our rural house, you’ll be able to access the imposing peaks of the Pyrenees and discover the incomparable beauty of mountainous areas such as Port del Comte or Tuixén-La Vansa, where you can even practice Nordic skiing!

And at the end of your day ...

After your daily "green forest bath" in our region, we’ll be waiting for you at Marcús Rural.

Don’t you think it's a wonderful plan?

Book your summer holidays in our rural house now here!

Recover. Revitalize. Reenergise. With Marcús Rural.

11 de march de 2019
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