Olius is a Spanish municipality in the province of Lleida. It is situated at the heart of the comarca of Solsonès,  Situated next to the Cardener river above the reservoir of Sant Ponç.

Casa Marcús está situada a 3 km. de Solsona, desde la Pallera de Marcús, a 619 metros de altitud, se puede disfrutar del paisaje rural de los aserrados y pequeños valles del Solsonès, con una gran variedad de flora y fauna. La proximidad del río Cardener, es un aliciente para descubrir. Hacia el norte, a poco más de 30 km., podemos acceder a lugares montañosos de gran belleza, como el Port del Comte o Tuixén-La Vansa (esquí nórdico).


The main economic activities at the farm are agriculture (cereals and fodder), extensive bovine livestock, pigs, rabbits and forestry.

The area offers a wide number of outdoor activities to choose; from hiking, mountain biking, horse riding, golf, fishing and Picking up mushrooms. Also in summer you can practice water sports (at 15 km.), Both in the Llosa and in Sant Pons lake. Or if you prefer you can visit Solsona or Cardona (20 km.)

Places to visit

Cripta y cementerio de Olius

A 1'7 Km

From the first Romanesque to modernism. Sant Esteve d'Olius is a church of a Lombard Romanesque consecrated in 1079 and with a singular crypt.

Cathedral of Solsona

A 4'5 Km

The cathedral of Solsona (1070-1163) is the main church of the bishopric. This monument stands not only for its religious meaning, but also for its cultural and artistic heritage.

Zoo del Pirineu

A 32 Km

This is a family show with free birds flying from our surroundings. In an outdoor amphitheater, located beneath the walls of La Roca de Canalda with spectacular views

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